about jane

Evolve expand create and respond have long been my mission statement. Creativity is what carries me forward on this journey. I follow the alchemy of a woman's spirit through these personal portals. It is an exploration without limits and a journey beyond the present culture. I call it heartflow.

Born in Lincoln, Nebraska and a relative of Willa Cather I enjoyed a childhood of the large beautiful open land and sky that Cather so eloquently describes in her novels.

My art life was there from the beginning and expansively encouraged by my father, an Art Center Graduate.

The figurative mixed media pieces begun in 1981 expanded into painting, photography and most recently metalwork. The metal and cloth continue to be a favorite combination.

My inspiration has always come from the enormous power and beauty of the woman's creativity towards her home. I have often been saddened by our culture's trivialization of these offerings. I wish to honor and promote this creative home life in my work.

I begin the focus of my pieces with an idea about the lessons I need to learn. Beyond this my hope would be that out of my work would flow the energy to expand and empower another woman's creative gifts.

My work has appeared in numerous national publications such as "Country Living", "Country Home", the "New York Times" and has been included in an exhibit at the Museum of American Folk Art in New York City.

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