women of the village mediatations

Women's Spiritual Creativity

The first women were blue mermaids. The waters of the earth were filled with their joy and wisdom. They watched the continents form and life’s enormous diversity begin. They spent millenniums seeding and embedding the earth with their wisdom. Thus the powerful female energy would be ever present for all the land women to come. And so was born the ancient female circle.

The old embedded wisdom was woven into the forms of jewelry, sculpture, hidden houses, books, doll figures and art of all kinds. The early Brookianico Witches found, used, added onto and mapped what they discovered. This has continued into the present carried on by women who find themselves responding to a need to discover, create and link to the oldest of women’s forms - the  female circle. I am one of these women. The mermaids call out now from the old waters of the earth for the female energy to be rebalanced again.............

Jane Cather copyright 2009

Inspired by women's spiritual journeys, Jane Cather's artwork includes
cloth dolls, jewelry, metalwork, paintings, photography, needlepoint, rubberstamps and amulets.