Cecile - Brodo di gallo

Rachel - Steamed Brown bread

Nora - Mini meatballs for chicken soup



Iris - French Toast Casserole

Della - Baked Brie in Phyllo

Claudia - Cheese croutons for chicken soup

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Brodo di gallo

This special chicken soup is traditional on Christmas day
in Italy and becomes a winter hearth favorite.

In a large pot of water place 1/2 chicken cut up, large pieces of celery and onion, cherry Tomatoes, small handful rock salt

Bring to boil, foam skimmed at boiling
Turn down heat and cook for 2 hours
Take out chicken, put back in some of the meat
Optional but traditional, add a large stick of cinnamon

Add meat balls (see nora’s recipe)

Add any form of miniature pasta already cooked
Or add boiled leafy greens

Add cheese croutons (see claudia’s recipe)